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Adventure Ten - Legionnaire

Sponsor: Sirian
Opening Date: Monday, July 17
Duration: Three Weeks
Game Speed: Normal

Difficulty: Prince
Civilization: Rome
Leader: Julius Caesar
Map Size: Tiny
Map Script: Highlands
Opponents: Germany, Spain, England
Rules: Standard
Victory: Any

Variant Rules: You may win by any victory condition, but you must have the largest army (most Soldiers, according to the F9 Demographics) when the game ends, to claim your victory for this event.

Scenario: This is a Gentle Adventure, albeit probably on the upper edge of what qualifies as one. Good luck!

Scoring: None. Victors will be listed alphabetically. Vanquished, Retired, and Emperors With an Ingloriously Small Army will be fed to the lions in the Colosseum. (Get your tickets now!)

Closing Day: Monday, August 7. Reports due by August 8.

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