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Adventure Eleven - Divided We Fall

Sponsor: Sirian
Opening Date: Monday, August 7
Duration: Six Weeks
Game Speed: Normal

Difficulty: Monarch
Civilization: Arabia
Leader: Saladin
Map Size: Large
Map Script: Custom Continents
Number of Continents: Three
Rules: No Tech Trading, Permanent Alliances
Victory: Any

Version: Core Game V161

This is the next in our series of Extreme Adventures.

Variant Rules:

* You may not sign Permanent Alliance with anybody who starts on another landmass.
* You may not capture or raze any city belonging to a civ who started on your landmass.

Scenario: The civs on the other landmasses are already united in to teams. ... Uh, good luck!

Scoring: Victors will be listed in order of fastest finish, victory type notwithstanding. Retired and Vanquished will be listed with longest-surviving players listed first.

Closing Day: Monday, September 18. Reports due by Sept 19.

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