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Adventure Twenty-one - The Sky Gods

Sponsors: mostly_harmless & Sullla
Opening Date: Monday, July 9
Duration: Four Weeks
Map Script: Fractal
Climate: Temperate
Sea Level: Normal
Game Speed: Normal

Difficulty: Monarch
Civilization: Aztecs
Leader: Alexander (note this change!)
World Size: Standard
Options: Raging Barbs turned on
Victory: Conquest or Domination (all enabled)

Version: Civ4 v1.61

Scenario: The trio of sky gods watch over the Aztec people from on high, floating serenely in their heavenly domains above. In peace and war, the Aztecs know that they can call on their benevolent deities for protection. But the assistance of the Sky Gods demands certain… sacrifices…

Rules: You begin the game with THREE Stealth Bombers!

These represent the Aztec gods:

• Camaxtli: god of hunting, war, fate, and fire
• Huitzilopochtli: supreme god of Tenochtitlan, patron of war, fire and the sun
• Mixcoatl: god of hunting, war, and the milky way

The Sky Gods watch over and protect the Aztec people. As such, you are free to carry out any of the air missions of the stealth bomber (rebasing, reconnaissance, air strikes, and air bombing) within your own borders at all times. There is therefore never a cost to rebase the Sky Gods or defend your own territory.

However, the Sky Gods demand sacrifices if you wish to use their power against external foes (cities of barbarians or the other civs). To use the Sky Gods outside of your territory, you must sacrifice a Great Person (any type):

The sacrificial offering drives the Sky Gods into a frenzied bloodlust, allowing their unlimited use anywhere on the map for five (5) turns. After the five turns are finished, the usual rules apply once again; another Great Person must be sacrificed to use the Sky Gods again for another five turns. (Players can keep track of the number of turns by checking the F8 screen, which lists the remaining turns left in the game. Do your best to be careful here!)

Notes: Please be aware that Alexander (Aggressive/Philosophical) is the leader for the Aztecs in this game; this was essentially the easiest way to give Montezuma the Philosophical trait. With a floodplains-heavy start and the Philosophical trait, players should have plenty of opportunities to generate Great People. All victory conditions are enabled, but your goal is to win by Conquest or Domination – don’t hesitate to call on the Sky Gods for assistance!

In the interests of full disclosure, I should also explain that there was a goody hut right at the start, which I popped with the scout to remove a dice roll from everyone’s game. That is why the scout has already been moved on the 4000BC turn, and why the game begins with 52 gold.

Scoring: None. Victories will be listed in two separate categories for Conquest and Domination victories.

Closing Day: Monday, August 6. Reports due by the end of August 7, your local time.

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