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Adventure 48 - Holiday Wishlist

Sponsor: T-hawk
Opening Date: Monday, December 14, 2010
Duration: Four Weeks
Map Script: Continents
Game Speed: Normal

Difficulty: Immortal
Civilization: Native America
Leader: Sitting Bull
World Size: Standard
Opponents: Six
Victory: Space
Options: One City Challenge, No Random Events, No Vassal States, No Tribal Villages
Version: Beyond the Sword v3.19

SCENARIO: This season, we have a special holiday gift! We're playing a One City Challenge, where you get to wish for any land you want!



We've done scenarios where you choose your civilization, extra technologies, or extra wonders. Now you get to choose your land. You may design the 21-tile city radius of your starting location as you desire, with just a few limitations.

- You're designing only the base land, not any improvements like farms or towns.
- Flood plains or oasis may only go on underlying desert tiles. (No 5 food grass floodplains or oasis.)
- Flood plains may not contain a resource (including oasis.)
- No forest on water tiles. Forest may go on any land tile.
- No goody huts.

Further notes:

- Don't forget the city center square.
- Other than flood plains, there is no limitation on resource placement.
- You may choose water to make your city coastal. (One water tile diagonal from the settler will make a lake, not ocean.)
- You may also choose lakes (remember a water tile orthogonally touching ocean will become ocean itself, not lake.)
- Every tile is riverside. If for some reason you don't want rivers, you can remove them.
- Outside the city's fat cross are available the late-game strategic resources: coal, oil, uranium, aluminum.
- No other resource is reachable, so what you choose is what you get.
- You do have Dog Soldiers to deal with barbarians without needing a resource.


This one is about the holiday spirit of getting, not giving. We want all the toys for ourselves. You're going for a space victory, and your score is your margin of technology lead when you win.

- +1 point for every technology you know that nobody else does.
- -1 point for every technology known by any other civ but not by you.
- Non-spaceship techs count; Future Techs do not.
- To prevent conquer-and-milk, -10 points for each civilization of whom you attack a homeland city on the far continent. Conquering on your home continent is fair game.
- -5 points for each edited tile that accidentally violates the rules above. It's not expected that anyone will incur this, but this allows a remedy for scoring without disqualifying an entire game.


To save the sponsor's sanity, we're going to have you simply design the land yourself in Worldbuilder from the starting save. It's unavoidable that you'll see the map in doing this, but that's not a big deal in a one-city challenge and with no goody huts. Please take a screenshot of your edits in 4000 BC in case any questions arise. Make sure not to edit anything outside the 21-tile radius of the starting location, and not to enter Worldbuilder again after 4000 BC.

Closing Day: Monday, January 10, 2011. Reports due by the end of January 11.

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