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Epic Two - Eastern Gem Dealers

Sponsor: Sirian
Opening Date: Monday, April 17, 2006 -- Let's hope it's a Good Monday
Duration: Four Weeks

Difficulty: Monarch
Civilization: India
Leader: Asoka
World Size: Standard
Opponents: Six
Map Script: Archipelago
Landmass Type: Tiny Islands
Climate: Temperate
Rules: Standard
Victory: All enabled

Variant Rules:

* Sources of Gems must be mined and connected. You MAY NOT settle on top of a Gems source.
* You MAY NOT found any religions. (Your civ is too busy prospecting for precious stones!)
* You must adopt Free Market civic upon discovering Economics, and remain there all game.
* You must sell gems (for a profit, no gifts!) if a customer is available and willing to buy or trade. This includes selling your last available Gems, leaving none for your own citizens. You must always heed this mandate.
* If a customer (any civ to whom you are supplying Gems) requests that you change civics or religion (other than to change away from Free Market, which you cannot do) you will comply, to smooth business relations. You need not stick with the change, however. You may change again when the game allows you to do so.


25 pts - Victory (any sort).

5 pts - EACH source of Gems you control at game's end. (If you "pop another one" it counts too!)
5 pts - EACH "Customer" for your Gems at game's end.
5 pts - EACH source of Gems you control in 1500AD. (Must be within your borders, mined, and connected.)
3 pts - EACH source of Gold you control at game's end
2 pts - EACH source of Silver you control at game's end

10 pts - Build the Oracle (remember, you must not found any religions!) AND use it to discover Mathematics or Currency!

10 pts - If you complete the game without ever capturing or razing any (non-Barbarian) cities.
5 pts - If you capture or raze cities solely for the purpose of gaining control over Gems, Gold or Silver supplies.

8 pts - Build Globe Theater in your capital
4 pts - Build Globe Theater at any other city with Gems in its radius

5 pts - Build the Taj Mahal
4 pts - Build Magellan's Expedition (circumnavigate the globe first)
3 pts - Build the Great Lighthouse
2 pts - Build the Hanging Gardens

5 pts - For every Gems resource, build a Laboratory in the closest city on the same island. (Must have a Lab at every applicable site to score the five points).

7 pts - Fastest Cultural Victory
5 pts - Fastest Diplomatic Victory - only counts if your population is below 40% at time of winning vote.
3 pts - Fastest Space Launch
0 pts - Conquest or Domination Victory

1 pts - Each island (of ANY size) under your complete cultural control at game's end.

8 pts - For EACH city of size 25+ at game's end. (Must be a city you founded by 1500AD).

4 pts - Build the Strategic Missile Defense
2 pts - For EACH unit of Future Tech you research (maximum of 5).
1 pts - For EACH ICBM unit you possess at game's end (maximum of 10).
1 pts - For EACH sea-based resources that is controlled and connected by 1500AD

3 pts - First player to have two Gems sources connected.
3 pts - First player to have three Gems sources connected.
3 pts - First player to have four Gems sources connected.
3 pts - First player to have five Gems sources connected.

5 pts - First player to control all Gems sources in the world AND also have all six rival civs as Customers.
3 pts - First player to control all Gold sources in the world.
2 pts - First player to control all Silver sources in the world.


Results of Entrepreneurs will be listed according to points earned.
If you choose not to calculate your score, your results will be listed in an Unscored category.

Please calculate your own score as best you can. (If you overcalculate and are discovered, you will be penalized the difference in addition to the correction. So use some care!)

What to Report: If you wish to be scored, please download and make use of this Scorecard text file. If you would fill that out and post it with your report, we'd appreciate it. Thank you!

Closing Day: Monday, May 15. Reports due by the end of May 16, your local time.

Special Invitation - Players who participated in and reported Epic Two of the Civ3 Epics tournament are hereby cordially invited to join us for the second Civ4 Epic and be showered with flowers and affection! You will be enshrined as Epic Heroes for being an integral part of building the future. (If none of you had showed up way back there in 2002, there wouldn't have been an Epic Three, much less a Civ4 Epics tournament!) Come and join us as the new era restarts after its EXTENDED pause. We would love to see you all again!

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