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Epic Twenty-five - This... Is... Sparta!

Sponsor: Sullla
Opening Date: Monday, June 8
Duration: Six Weeks
Map Script: Fractal
Climate: Rocky
Sea Level: Low
Game Speed: Epic

Difficulty: Prince
Civilization: Sparta (Greece)
Leader: Genghis Khan Temujin
World Size: Small
Opponents: Five
Victory: Conquest, Culture, Domination, Space (no Diplo)

Options: No Barbs, No Events, Aggressive AIs, Unrestricted Leaders, ALWAYS WAR
Version: Beyond the Sword v3.17

Scenario: Into the fray once more, dear friends! This time around you are charged with defending the rocky Spartan homeland from the boundless hordes of the enemy invaders. Until you control all of the earth or are wiped from the earth, there will always be war without end.

Rules: The tried and true strategy to deal with the AIs in Always War is to pillage their territory and wreck their economies. We've known this ever since Civ3's Epic 14, well over five years ago, and the same principle holds true in Civ4. So for this game, the one variant rule is simple: no pillaging, period. You can run around in enemy territory all you like, but no pillaging of tiles allowed. Everything else is fair game.

Scoring: None. Victors will be listed alphabetically, while defeats will be listed in reverse order (those who survived the longest listed first).

Honorable Mentions will be awarded for the following achievements:
" First (among participating players, by game year) to construct an Odeon (Greek unique building).
" Highest XP total reached on a Phalanx.
" Most Great Generals produced by 1500AD.
" Highest XP total reached on a naval unit.
" Most techs stolen via espionage.

Comments: Always War is a difficult beast. Players are strongly suggested to be extra careful in the early going - nothing's worse than having the enemy walk into an undefended capital! You begin the game with Hunting tech, allowing immediate research into Archery if desired.

Be aware that you will not accumulate war weariness while fighting within your own territory. How this will dictate strategy is up to the players to figure out.

I have deliberately picked some of the worst possible Unrestricted AI leader/civ combinations for Always War. Have fun!

Closing Day: Monday, July 20. Reports due by the end of July 21, your local time.

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