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PB 59 organizing and tech thread

- The FIN numbers are actually bonified, which should explain a lot that. Unfortunately as I explained I was not able to calculate the gold modifier accurately. It is mostly higher then it should be.
- Vassalage reduces the unit maintenance before AGG kicks in. Meaning If you run Vassalage your savings from AGG are smaller. Having a lot of pop increases your free unit limit before unit maintenance kicks in. Therefore high pop numbers also decrease the AGG savings. Both of these factors applied to Amicalola. The pop factor applied to you, which explains why your savings are higher then Amicalola with Vassalage but way lower then civacs.
- PRO is also bonified.

Good that you mention the HQs those are most likely the main cause for the distorted gold modifier. I have to find a way to calculate the gold modifier accurately for future games, but obviously this could not be done here.
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Thanks for Organizing the game smile

I'm curious for the Germans specifically if they enjoyed having shorter turns at the beginning of the game and then it got longer as needed. I know that is one major difference between our metas.

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