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[SPOILERS] Four Score & Seven Dynasties Ago: Pindicator plays Lincoln of China

Man, I should have asked Mist for a restart when I slipped my mouse. Didn't realize we could do stuff like that rolleye
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Okay, more banghead moments. Turns out my mouse slip wasn't the worst thing I did last turn. Actually I did this a couple turns back. I moved worker 2-1 (the one by Hammer Bros) to the wrong forest. This means my new worker can't move from one chop to the next without wasting a turn inbetween. So I need to figure out a workaround or my next settler is coming out a turn later. banghead
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Turn 063

So here's how I dun goofed:

[Image: pb7-turn063-microaroundhammerbros.jpg]

See the red square? That's where worker 2-1 finished chopping his forest. He wasn't supposed to chop there; he was supposed to be on the greenish-yellowish color (future note: pick colors with names I know. This is... jaundice green?). The worker that just finished in Hammer Bros (worker 2-2) was supposed to move to the red tile this turn, chop that into finishing up the granary, and then move 2NW to chop the blue square forest into my next settler in Goomba. The timing on the chop of the blue tile needs to be precise because Goomba is going to 3 turn that settler via chop & whip.

When I moved 2-1 to the red tile, that meant 2-2 couldn't move from its chop to the blue tile in 1 turn. And 2-1 can't go chop the blue tile next because it needs to farm the rice; if it doesn't move to farm the rice next then hammer bros loses turns on growth.

What I came up with was 2-2 moved to the yellowish-green tile. I'm able to grab 1-4, which is currently building a cottage for Goomba, and he will just run to the blue tile once he finishes his cottage. I lose a worker turn off my original plan, but I don't think I delay any growth or movement or having an improved tile for a new citizen to work.

It was tempting to just build more workers in Hammer Bros. Actually, I'm thinking about settling by the marble & clams for exactly that purpose. Remember, I still plan on skipping Fishing (it is a fun game, so gotta do some zany things!) for the time being, so this new city would just work the improved Marble and pump out workers.

Anyway, here are demos. Somebody has rediculous GNP; I'm guessing that its the same GNP leader as a few turns back, only now he's researching Writing with all the pre-reqs.

[Image: pb7demos-turn063.jpg]

Waiting for Oracle to fall any turn. If it doesn't I'm going to regret not going for it.
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Turn 065

So Lewwyn seems to think someone put a bounty on wonders. I'm sure I'm not the first to report that he picked up the Oracle. Looks like he grabbed a Classical tech with it, because his score climbed 12 more points after he logged in. So i'm glad I didn't go after the Oracle now because I wouldn't have gotten it.

While we're abroad, we have a few civs reaching 5 cities: Yuri & Sunrise hit the mark last turn, and Lord "Turn Timer" Parkin joined them this turn. I'll be joining them in 6 or 7 turns.

I picked up Writing at the end of the turn. Was about to go straight into Mathetmatics but since I need Masonry as well I decided to pick that up first. GNP tells me that everybody else I've met already has researched Masonry, so I'm picking up a few extra beakers a turn for it. I also chopped most of a Granary into Spiny this turn; next turn I will whip it to completion while the workers start laying cottages over here.

[Image: pb7-turn065-spinychops.jpg]

Look what I found out east:

[Image: pb7-turn065-stoned.jpg]

It's hard to think it's worth claiming, but it may be worth it to plant a city there to time right when I start on Hanging Gardens. I'm not going to try for Pyramids; I'd need to put city down there by the time Masonry ended for it to contribute to Pyramids. But spending 100h on a settler to plant a crappy city could in turn save 150h in the city that builds the wonder. So it look like I need to put that into my plans. Whether I hold the city or not would be irrelevant; it'd pay for itself just by being an HG doubler.

Demographics are still looking good. Pity Lewwyn & Sunrise are running away with the GNP, so let's see how well the mob mentality works. I guess it's like a game of WW. We just have to convince people who the wolves are:

[Image: pb7demos-turn065.jpg]

That soldier score is looking a little low, but I have a pair of spears finishing soon, so I'll boost up a little. I need to find a time to research Archery, too, but I may be a daredevil and put it off until after Math.
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Turn 066

My scout found a hut, but I fear it will not live to pop it:

[Image: pb7-turn066-scoutingout.jpg]

I'll send my Wood 2 warrior out to grab it.

Precautions were made this turn. A spear finished in Goomba, and although the micro plan called for a library I decided to fit in an axe instead. 3 turns until Goomba grows to size 7 and unhappiness; 3 turns until the axe finishes. Seems like a good fit. The demos may say we're just off average in power, but I'm behind both of my neighbors, so that's where my real concern lies. Although I may talk myself out of it and switch back to a library. Again, it's no like anybody's scouted my borders (to my knowledge).

We will finish 2 more granaries at end of turn, so our next 2 cities can join in the verticle growth party. I've grown 9 pop over the last 9 turns, and although I whipped 1 away this turn I'll grow another when this turn rolls over. Spiny whipped its granary, and Hammer had a chop finish off its:

[Image: pb7-turn066-hammerbros.jpg]

[Image: pb7-turn066-spiny.jpg]

Back to #1 in food with demos:

[Image: pb7demos-turn066.jpg]
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Decided to go with the Library anyway. Since Hammer Bros just finished it's granary it's got nothing to do but build military while it grows, so it will get some axes out for me.
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Turn rolled and because I won't be able to update for a few days, here's Turn 067

[Image: pb7-turn067-ourlands.jpg]

Our scout did not make it; he killed the lion but was struck down by a warrior. Piranha's grown to size 7, so it's started on a settler. I decided to go with a library next in Spiny, since that city is going to only be putting 1hpt for a long while. I dont' see how I'm going to easily pop it's borders either; maybe those chops should have gone into a monument instead. Or maybe I should whip a monument. Or just forget the horses and whip a settler at size 6. That's what I'm leaning towards; I'll just settle up north and grab those horses.

So if that's where 1 of my 2 settlers (both are due out on t72) are going, where am I planning on putting the other one?
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pindicator Wrote:So if that's where 1 of my 2 settlers (both are due out on t72) are going, where am I planning on putting the other one?

If that's a lurker pop quiz, we need rsouce icons... and we can't really answer anyway without spoiling. :neenernee

Ceiliazul Wrote:If that's a lurker pop quiz, we need rsouce icons... and we can't really answer anyway without spoiling. :neenernee

Yeah, I don't mean like "Hey Lurkers, tell me where to plant!"
It's more like: "Hey, this is an attempt to get lurkers to input on my thread! I know where I'm going to plant that city and I want you to guess." I admit, there are several legitimate options, each with different merits, but I am have decided the location. Unless you advocate a location that's not marked with an 'X' above or otherwise has been mentioned in the thread (like the stone), it's already been considered.

Sorry about no resource bubbles. I actually took a 2nd resource bubble screen capture last night when I realized the first didn't have them, and then I went and uploaded the wrong pic. duh
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At a guess, I'd say the x on the coast, providing support to your northern horse city.

The site south of Hammer Bros is the other possibility. But I'm guessing the coast.

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