"I think most people posting on a Civilization 4 forum in 2020 AD probably count as grognards." - Commodore

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Poll: What should we pick?
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Ag/Wheel (France)
3 17.65%
Ag/Wheel (Ottomans)
1 5.88%
Hunting/Fishing (Vikings)
11 64.71%
Hunting/Myst (Aztecs)
0 0%
Hunting/Myst (HRE)
0 0%
Fishing/Mining (England)
0 0%
Fishing/Mining (Carthage)
0 0%
Ag/Hunting (Zulu)
0 0%
Other (please elaborate)
0 0%
2 11.76%
Total 17 vote(s) 100%
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Civ choice

I voted for France, despite this

SevenSpirits Wrote:We have FIN (and not SPI), so I just don't foresee us drafting muskets. We wouldn't we be in bureaucracy or free speech at that point?

being a very valid point. I just think that the option to get those draftable 2-movers is a powerful one to have. We will probably have high food - low commerce cities which won't suffer from drafting. If we use a golden age to switch to Nationhood and back, we will be fine. And Musketeers are awesome for emergency defence if it's ever needed

That being said, Vikings are a very close 2nd for me

Six votes for Vikings out of 9 actual votes (Commodore being the Abstain). And both of the France votes (myself and yuris125) are open to Vikings as a second choice.

How long do we want to hold the voting open? And what is our total team roster at this point -- I saw a couple late joiners in the main forum thread. What constitutes an outright majority now?

Yeah I don't even thinking we have the 5 more players necessary to get France into the lead, and even France supporters have said Vikings are a close 2nd. Though I don't know what our roster currently is. Can we get a full list from a captain? Perhaps edit it into the first post of the introduction thread.

Let's not rush things, the winds can easily shift. Perhaps someone will show up and make a compelling argument for another option, convincing several Viking voters to jump ship. I know if I woke up and found you guys had already picked a civ, I'd be pissed. smile

... although if anyone wants to produce a picture of some clean-shaven vikings, now would be a fine time.

SevenSpirits Wrote:... although if anyone wants to produce a picture of some clean-shaven vikings, now would be a fine time.

Just because our Vikings have access to the latest and greatest in facial hair removal technology, doesn't mean they have to go completely clean-shaven.

I'm thinking Burt Reynolds, as opposed to Santa Claus.

So, it turns out I have much less time than I thought today, so I won't be able to make a last ditch agruement for the Aztecs. Not knowing much about naval combat, I am going to abstain.
Merovech's Mapmaking Guidelines:
0. Player Requests: The player's requests take precedence, even if they contradict the following guidelines.

1. Balance: The map must be balanced, both in regards to land quality and availability and in regards to special civilization features. A map may be wonderfully unique and surprising, but, if it is unbalanced, the game will suffer and the player's enjoyment will not be as high as it could be.

2. Identity and Enjoyment: The map should be interesting to play at all levels, from city placement and management to the border-created interactions between civilizations, and should include varied terrain. Flavor should enhance the inherent pleasure resulting from the underlying tile arrangements. The map should not be exceedingly lush, but it is better to err on the lush side than on the poor side when placing terrain.

3. Feel (Avoiding Gimmicks): The map should not be overwhelmed or dominated by the mapmaker's flavor. Embellishment of the map through the use of special improvements, barbarian units, and abnormal terrain can enhance the identity and enjoyment of the map, but should take a backseat to the more normal aspects of the map. The game should usually not revolve around the flavor, but merely be accented by it.

4. Realism: Where possible, the terrain of the map should be realistic. Jungles on desert tiles, or even next to desert tiles, should therefore have a very specific reason for existing. Rivers should run downhill or across level ground into bodies of water. Irrigated terrain should have a higher grassland to plains ratio than dry terrain. Mountain chains should cast rain shadows. Islands, mountains, and peninsulas should follow logical plate tectonics.

I voted France, but I have no problem with Vikings (except all that damn facial hair). If Shady can work some of his photoshop magic, I will happily jump ship.

Really, I do slightly prefer France, but all the arguments being made for Vikings are pretty convincing. I just hope there really is enough water to make them worthwhile and it's not just a red herring.

A few potential pictures to use. Here's the only clean-shaven "Viking" I could find:

[Image: Baycon.VikingDavid.jpg]

Seven, is that you? tongue

A more intimidating route:

[Image: vikings-demotivate.jpg]

A specific jab at the pirate team:

[Image: vikings-demotivational-poster-1220474216.jpg]

The lesser-known Viking air force:

[Image: jet.jpg]

And my personal favorite... Viking shaving cream!!!

[Image: %24(KGrHqFHJCcE7y5w0Ve7BPGW6Bo2zQ~~60_35.JPG]

Dead serious - that's Viking-branded shaving cream - some Russian brand apparently. See guys, we HAVE to be VIkings, it goes so well with Gillette. lol

Sold. Vikings it is.

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