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Oct/20/2010 - KingOfPain:
Welcome to the newly established Master of Magic community at the Realms Beyond forums. It has been formed on basis of the now defunct site dragonsword.com which was taken down a few months ago. At Realms Beyond, we're offering the following features for die-hard MoM fans:
- MoM v1.40, by kyrub. An ambitious patch project which is already functional and still under active development. Includes bug fixes, interface improvements and AI strengthening. The game itself is kept as close to the original as possible, with very few and very small real changes.
- Catnip, by Catwalk. An almost as ambitious mod project under active development which aims to rebalance and revitalize MoM through a large number of balance and feature changes. Most of this is done through number tweaking, some hacking of features will also be employed. If you'd like a say in the project's development we're always happy to listen to feedback and help is most welcome.
- Plight, by Psyringe. An excellent patch for the help files which corrects a large amount of wrong and misleading information as well as putting up a lot of new information and enhancing the help interface. Highly recommended, and still under active development.
- Game editors, by Joel. A series of editors which allow you to change the game parameters for units, races, buildings and spells.
- Various other MoM resources and links
- Tournaments!
- Nostalgia, strategy talk and all-round nerding

June/03/2010 - KingOfPain:
Huge congratualations to Warrior IM_Shade, Rogue IM_Hariel and Sorcerer IM-Plague for an Ironman victory of Classic Diablo Lock In Triple Crown. Read about it HERE, and make sure to check out the included youtube video.

June/15/2009 - KingOfPain:
Started a back-burner project to save Diablo sites hosted by Geocities, for nostalgia sake. Geocities will be closing down later this year. Example: The Sylvan Cliffs
These sites are going to need some work to make them work properly outside of Geocities' shell.

Apr/07/2009 - KingOfPain:
This update brings you the second of “The Making of a Gamer” interviews. Read the interview with Pete HERE.

Also with this update, Dr.Disaster's Glide Wrapper 101 explains how to get it up and running. Glide Wrapper, written by Sven to improve D2/LoD performance, is a program translating GLIDE gfx code over to OpenGL standard which most current gfx cards support.

The Low Rent Legion celebrates beating Hell Baal after 18 months of adventures :)

Nov/25/2008 - KingOfPain:
A 37 Month Journey To Victory - The Guild Wars Nudists team has beaten Prophecies.
Checkout our RBWiki for more detail

July/31/2008 - KingOfPain:
WOOT! Realms Beyond Wiki
We now have a wiki site which will eventually cover info on all games we play. It is a fresh install, we are working to put things together and learning at the same time. Head over to RBWiki to take a peek.

Nov/02/2007 - KingOfPain:
We are now on XFire. Go to our guild page on XFire or give us a shout at the RB forum and get hooked up :)

Aug/22/2007 - KingOfPain:  RB Hellagte: London site is online! Input is welcomed. use the sidebar navigation to get there.

Aug/17/2007 - KingOfPain:  New game on the horizon. A new forum has been created in anticipation of the next RB supported game, Hellgate: London. HGL is scheduled to be released on Halloween 2k7. Join in the discussion now and get a head start.

July/04/2007 - KingOfPain:  Some amazing gaming achievements.
"TWO HUNDRED AAA combos on DDR? And documented every one with screenshots?! You're certifiably insane."
Checkout this LINK to the read more, and this LINK for Sullla's DDR video.

June/19/2006 - KingOfPain:  Two new sections added.
RBers Links is a collection of personal sites of Realms Beyond members.
Game Utilities links to various utilities that will enchance your gaming experience.

Dec/12/2005 - KingOfPain:  Yes, we are aware that the RB forums are down.
There seems to have been a slight problem with the database and we are working on it. OTOH, our old N54 forum is still online so we can use that to communicate if the problem persists.

March/13/2005 - ShadowHM:  The first in what is hoped to be a series of interviews on "The Making of a Gamer" will be posted in the General Forum soon. I had the honour of being the first interviewer and Zed-F was gracious enough to let himself be the guinea pig ... er ... inaugural interview subject.

The first post will consist of a series of Q&A. Additional questions are welcome; they can be added as posts to the thread. If you think that the question you have might be a sensitive one, then ask it by private message to Zed, and he can decide for himself whether to answer it in public.

Read about it inside "About RB", names are also listed on the sidebar.

Jan/2005 - KingOfPain: Welcome to your new portal to the Realms Beyond. Hope you like the new look and find it serves you better :)
The old front door can be found archived Here.

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