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[SPOILERS] Dazedroyalty - Move along! Nothing to see here

Check out what a Golden Age can do for the guy with more cottages and land than anyone else:

[Image: 104.JPG]

The plan is to use this GA to pop out two other Great people for another GA most likely. but I'll make one of them a great artist in case i need it for war.

One thing I wasn't sure about is if i can change civics in less than 5 turns when in a GA. So i delayed going to pacifism for 1T so I can switch into Beauracracy at the same time (yeah! I'm one turning CS thanks to the known bonus). It may delay my Great Artist a bit but since I'm Spiritual that doesn't bother me too much. I don't have to switch out in the GA.

I like that the one important stat you are winning at is the one not affected by a golden age.

I suggested this plan to Xenu and even offered to gift him 1-2 maces if he does it.

[Image: to%20xenu.JPG]

Sian can't see that staging place because of the hills inbetween. Of course, Sian could have tons of units lurking behind there...

Also, this is definitely not a friendly thing to do to Sian given our NAP, but we didn't discuss gifting units to enemies or allowing enemies to have OB, so it's not against our NAP and Sian is the clear runaway so he needs to ask for what he wants in deals not assume I'll give it to him.

Slowcheetah declared war on Sian, took 0 cities and lost 2. Sigh....

Admittedly, this is with me coming into a second GA and Sian losing a GA, but it tells you why things aren't as bad for me as you might think:

[Image: 116.JPG]

I have more land and more cottages. Sian will lose his teching advantage when he obsoletes the GLH and Colossus. It's also noteworthy that Sian has HIGH Culture and EP which are included in GNP. Meanwhile, I'm the lowest total culture in the game and probably only about half his GNP. I just need slowcheetah to stop losing land to Sian and who knows? maybe I have a shot.

Turns are moving really slowly now for the most part. I don't blame Xenu for having a lowered interest in the game, but it's noticable. He's holding the save between 14-20 hours every turn. Anyways, he asked me for a picture of my front with Sian which he doesn't really need but I gave it to him anyways. Edited to make sure he wouldn't get any intel about me:

[Image: 117%20for%20xenu.jpg]

I popped an Iron! woo hoo!

[Image: 117%20yay.JPG]

Sian's GNP has a HUGE percentage of Culture in it:

[Image: 117%20culture.JPG]

I was thinking about counting up my culture then measuring how much more Sian's is for comparison purposes. A rough estimate is that he's got more than 4 times my culture!!! Any I'm running about 8 artists on my borders to protect/gain territory.

Finally, I've had my EPs on Slowcheetah the whole game basically. I agreed back at T30 or whatever not to put them on Sian and I have kept them on Slowcheetah because there's no point in drawing attention from Sian when he could easily beat me in an EP war. So, instead, I've got tech visibility, city visibility and now even INSIDE city visibility on slowcheetah!! If anyone wants a turn report on slowcheetah, just let me know! lol This is actually the first turn I've taken a look:

[Image: 117%20slowcheetah.JPG]

Only +12 gold at 90% gold. Ouch. I know he's running the SE so he only needs to break even and run scientists but still. frown When he's not in CS, he's pretty limited on merchants. running the slider at 10% is probably losing some kinda rounding no matter what.

Also, he's building a Seowon in the middle of war. This is why slowcheetah has lost three cities in a war he initiated. What he really needed was naval power... but picking apart his war isn't gonna help. I'm just hoping he keeps sian from taking any more.

One other note, I'll be starting Oxford ASAP! I have 5 Universities building now. 3 will be done in 3 turns. The other two are set to take 5 and 8 turns, so they'll need to be whipped. I'm not whipping the capital (3 turn build anyway) becuase it barely has enough food to make out/stagnate at size 20 so I need to let it grow grow grow. Bad news is that I wasn't planning Education when I started the Golden Age and switched into Caste, but my tech rate has been way better than I expected so I switched from "get Guilds" to get Fuedalism, Education, then on to Astronomy! I've been one turning everything since I turned research on (overflow from Mono helped!) and I think I should be able to 1T through at least Optics (I just 1 turned Engineering)

Slowcheetah snagged Taj?

One more Thing! Sian offered to give me OB and Silver (after his culture stole mine) but I turned it down. It'll help him more than me now (he has more cities and GLH), I'm about to get my silver back (50-49%). Plus, I need Slowcheetah and Xenu to know I'm on board with them. OB with Sian is not the way to keep me on their side.

scooter Wrote:Slowcheetah snagged Taj?

A long time ago. Then he ran 3 straight GAs. He got Liberalism and Nationalism. But he doesn't seem to be leveraging it well, imho.

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