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[SPOILERS] scooter, pindicator, and Huayna Capac try some fast Zulu cuisine

Logged in to see the new turn. Moved the scout 1SE as was the general idea:

[Image: t1_scout_move.JPG]

Moving SW next and looping back towards the hut seems to be obvious... but any objections to doing so?

Note that nearly everybody settled on the first turn. Serdoa did not - he just logged in before me... But he and Azza were the only 2 to decline settling on the first turn.

Sucks that corn is there. If it was 1NW, we totally would've settled on the plains hill and had a nicer start.

I actually wanted to go NE-SE first to make sure we don't miss any seafood, but if we're scared of the hut being stolen or the scout being mauled then naturally we should get there as soon as possible. It's too late to scout the northeast now of course.

Ok, moved the scout and confirmed our location at the South Pole:

[Image: t1_scout2.JPG]

Uninspiring is the word I'm looking for here. Opinions on scout move? SW-SW seems like the best bet. I want to get to that hut ASAP.

2SW is good, still on fastest path to the hut.

Actually, I think you should go S-SW next turn. It ends up being just as fast as SW-SW and you get more visibility thanks to the sight on top of the hill (plus a little bit of sight over the water). Because of the forest S of the hut, if you go SW-SW it will still take until turn 5 to pop the hut: t2 SW-SW, t3 NW-NW, t4 N to forest, t5 N to hut.
So let's get more sight and go: t2 S-SW to hill, t3 NW-NW to hill, t4 NW to hill, t5 NW to hut.

Edit: I'm forgetting that you can potentially go NW-NE to pop the hut on t4 if we go 2SW next turn. Depends what is in the fog if this is possible.

Yeah, that's true. But if you go 2SW you could follow up with moves NW-NW, W-NW (assuming you don't get blocked by a forest moving W here), and then finally NE onto the hut. Not sure which is better.

Turn rolled. Pindicator's suggestion of moving onto the hill sounded pretty good, so I went with that:

[Image: t2_scout.JPG]

Well hey, we have a fish. Was kinda hoping to see marble down here too, fingers crossed on that.

I was hoping to see more land, not less frown

Yeah, we're on some crappy peninsula, quite possibly a crappy island. Kinda sucks.

Oh right, move next turn. I'm assuming NW-NW. Objections?

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