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Adventure Fifty-Nine: Christmas Potluck - CLOSING DAY

Adventure Fifty-Nine: Christmas Potluck
Sponsor: T-hawk
Opening Date: Wednesday, December 18, 2013
Duration: Four Weeks
Map Script: Big and Small
Map Size: Small
Game Speed: Normal
Difficulty: Emperor
Civilization: Potluck
Leader: Potluck
Opponents: 4
Victory: Any
Options: No Technology Trading, No Vassal States, No Random Events

Scenario: This is a Potluck game. Each player plays a random civilization of the five on the map. To sign up, notify T-hawk by forum private message to receive a link to your randomly assigned starting save. The idea is to compare your experience with other players of your same civilization.


The leaders are Asoka, Hatshepsut, Isabella, Justinian, and Mansa Musa. Everybody is in for a Spiritual holiday season.


You will notice a number of Christmas trees on the map with unusual decorations. If you like, you can compete with other players of your civilization to find and acquire the most of these. A Christmas tree is a forest tile with something that cannot occur normally from the map generator. Look very closely!

To receive credit for a tree:
- You must own the tile with the tree and its decoration at some point during the game.
- No previous owner of the tile lost it by conquest or cessation. Taking ownership by culture is OK as long as the tree is still there.
- It's OK to cut down the tree once you've recorded your ownership with a screenshot.

Closing Date: Monday, January 13, 2013. Reports due by the end of Jan 14, your local time.

Just to recap the usual RBCiv tournament rules for players unfamiliar with them:

- No talking about anything that happened in your game until report day. Each player plays without spoiler knowledge of anyone else's game.

- Mods like BUG are not permitted for tournament competition. There is a small list of approved mods which generally cover graphical elements like fonts and colors, found here.

- Keep some savegames in case any questions arise on scoring, but there is no need to submit a completed savegame, we work on the honor system.

I'm new to the Adventures. Just so I'm clear, are we supposed to compete for earliest victory/highest score or something or just see how we do?

Some adventures have scoring. The only score in this one is a friendly competition for Christmas trees. Game victory doesn't matter here.

Huh, so I downloaded the save file, but my game doesn't seem to recognize it when I go to load a sp game- like, it isn't displaying at all, even though going into my "single" saves folder outside of civ shows the save is there. Any idea what's up?

Edit: my problem sounds a lot like the one described in this thread: http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=470942

Sadly I don't see any solutions there; opening T-Hawk's save in notepad, pasting the mess of random characters into a working save file & then trying to load it yields the error message "Cannot load version 538968366, expected version 302 or lower". Were these saves made using a different version of BTS? I have tried saving mine into the worldbuilder folder, but it won't display as a scenario or custom scenario either. Never had this issue before.

Huh, apparently Civ is sensitive about the case on the file extension. I redownloaded the files from my site and they didn't show up in Civ for me either. Renamed it from .civbeyondswordsave to .CivBeyondSwordSave and that worked. I'll fix it on my site.

Thanks for the clarification. I guess the save link needs to be resent to me (and any others)?

If you already had a file, you can just rename it to .CivBeyondSwordSave. I'll send yours again anyway.

Your signature is very lazy, T-hawk. Or you just coded it wrong, I guess.

(December 19th, 2013, 01:05)T-hawk Wrote: If you already had a file, you can just rename it to .CivBeyondSwordSave. I'll send yours again anyway.

The download link was broken by the time I tried it. Thanks for resending it!

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