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Why beyond?
This site doesn't dwell on the ordinary. It describes a world on the edge in Diablo, Diablo 2, and beyond. Here you will find characters, stories, analyses, guides, and tips that go far beyond the typical Diablo site. We seek to build on and expand the themes that linked Variants and Beyond Naked Mages together - the idea that the game is most fun when played legitimately, cooperatively, and seeking the most challenge. You'll learn to push your characters far beyond what you thought possible.
Let us take you to the...

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Charis, Griselda, & KingOfPain


3/June/2010 -
Huge congratualations to Warrior IM_Shade
, Rogue IM_Hariel and Sorcerer IM-Plague for an Ironman victory of Classic Diablo Lock In Triple Crown. Read about it HERE, and make sure to check out the included youtube video.

27/Oct/2007 - Woot! A new LoD team variant and full team in progress too. The Low Rent Legion is a team of low rent heroes (this team in hardcore), heroes who cannot afford to go to school and learn anything beyond the first grade. Keep up with the adventure HERE.

24/Jan/2006 - This update brings you another tale based on Classic Diablo by Attika. The Tale of Sir Cedrig can be found in our Tales From Beyond section. Also from Attika, I have expanded
the Forge Ironman guide to include "The Tactics Of The Thinking Cap In Ironman"...Head over to check it out!

26/Oct/2004 - This update brings you 2 team variants currently being played by the RB crowd.
Rogue Revival
, is a team of sorcies acting like D1 Rogues, brought to you by Sirian.
And finally after many years since the release of D2's we are going beyond... Beyond Naked characters, bought to you by KingOfPain, presents you with the ultimate Diablo challenge. Beyond Naked means you have to play with at least one partner, in hostile mode. Each of the players must use at least one skill that harms their partners, whether it is an always-on aura, or a curse, or a duration skill (such as Thunder Storm, Plague Javelin).

19/June/2004 - Relax! A new LoD variant by Zed-F wants you to just chillax and have some fun/challenges, or not. Take a look at this latest variant - Slackers.
FoxBat's Diablo 2 Accelerator, an utility you can alter graphics and memory usage so that the game runs more smoothly, is now updated to work with LoD version 1.10.
Beyond Naked Mage in D2?! Details are being worked out at the forum. Take a peek.

03/Nov/2003 - First, a team variant fit for 1.10. The Boot Camp Dropout, by Occhi, is a Druid trapped in Barbarian circumstances - Played with the Barbarian class.
Yet more writing from Charis is unearthed: Requiem for an Unknown Barbarian - Story of ChariSparta, Skull and Animal.

02/Aug/2003 - This update brings you 2 variants and an Ironman article :)
First is a new CD variant, The Voodoo Variant, by Attika. Interesting variant - completed with quests.
Rogue Rogues is a LoD variant originally created by LemmingofGlory then later edited by Occhi.
And finally an addition to the Forge IM Guide - The Buff Warrior Philosophy by Attika

08/July/2003 - Roede and Taoni Lay Claim to Ironman Triple Crown! (April/8th/2003)

10/Feb/2003 - The farmers get their assets together (a bag of rice) and set out to hire some Samurai to defend them when the harvest, and hence bandits, arrives. If you are sick and tired working for peanuts, we... HAVE RICE. The Seven Samurai team varaint can also be played solo.

07/Jan/2003 - Wondering what happened to Little-Mouse? The complete "Tale of Lion-Mouse" has now been uploaded! Also, Attika's IronBard's Tale has been added to the ironman victory reports!
Lost and found is the Elemental Wizards CD variant created around Nov 1998. Now uploaded for your enjoyment.

02/Jan/2003 - Looking for something different? Take a look at Throwology and be tempted to start a Double Thrower.

16/Oct/02 - Elric of Grans has added to his collection of Final Fantasy-inspired variants with the Mystic Knight, now hosted with the Lord of Destruction variants. Elric is also in the process of designing more FF variants- collectively known as the Light Warriors. Hail Elric! ;)
And finally, The Legion of Greiz by LemmingofGlory and the Legionnaires is here - Playable as a stand alone variant, but it also makes an excellent Team Variant.

11/Oct/02 - Lost and found Charis' Elemental Sorceress variant, and Hell-101 for all classes. Also found Dr Disaster's Fairy variant for Classic Diablo, a fun loving prankster. Enjoy :)

01/Oct/02 - Need some challenge? Welcome to the latest Classic Diablo variant, Beyond Naked Turtle Mage and Beyond Naked Witch, by KingOfPain. Find the info HERE.

21/Sept/02 - Added a whole bunch of articles including the D filez to the CD strat section. Check it out.
Added a few battle reports and tales to Beyond Tales
Added Telekinesis by Moriah, and Telekinesis Staff Calculation by Charis to the Forge

18/Sept/02 - The Forge Ironman guide for Classic Diablo is now converted, and hosted at the RB. The DSG version can still be found at the DSG, alas, the formatting is all skewed after a few server moves. If you have not seen Charis' guide to Ironman melee vs Leo before, now is a good time to head over and read the newly included section in the Forge. Also hosted at the RB now, because of their relevance to the Forge, is Cy's Cave guide, Study of Firewall by myself, and Study of Charged Bolt by Moriah, Nystul and myself. Links to these can be found in the Classic Diablo, Ironman rules and the Forge section. Enjoy :)

Victory of an Ironman Snob - by Attika
- IronSnob rules. Ironman + Elitists - by Taoni
- Blue Wizard is a variant fashioned after the Final Fantasy series - by Elric of Grans

22/June/02 - I just realized that the Classic Diablo section had no link to Lochnar[ITB]'s Freshman Diablo page, so I added one. The site has lots of basic information about Diablo, and also some articles of specfic interest to variant players.

10/June/02 - A new tale! The first sections of Taoni's "The Tale of Lion-Mouse" have been added to the tales section, and the final installment should be available soon!

27/May/02 - The Classic DIablo section has grown a bit with the addition of 2 of Charis' articles: An Analysis of Osmosis and Pain, and Warrior "Styles" and Thoughts for Low-AC Warriors.

04/May/02 - Clicking on the pentagram from one of the section index pages will now take you back to


01/May/02 - Happy May Day! Enjoy, but make sure you don't get too wild, like these girls did. I added 2 solo rogue IM victory reports by Cyrene today: Cy_2K and The IM Game at the End of the Universe. The second one includes game seed info and has a Screenshots page. :)


28/Apr/02 - Continuing to update the Ironman section- added the Psycho team's Nightmare continuation to their victory report.


25/Apr/02 - The CD Ironman section has been expanded to include 6 victory reports (some were brought over from the DSG). This project has given me a chance to browse the backpages of the Forge Forum, too. Although current IM discussion takes place on the Realms Forum, the Forge Forum serves as a great IM archive. :)

Also finally got around to removing the extra margin space on the edge of the RBD pages. Meshuggah, I hope you're still around to enjoy it! ;)


06/Apr/02 - Kamwai's "An Amazon's Honor- Denari V'Imlatishan" has been added to the Tales section.


01/Apr/02 - No fooling here! Uploaded the High Elf, Battle Rager, and Drow to the LoD Variants section, and added a Drow battle report and look at stealth to the Strategies section.


20/Mar/02 - Whyte Tyger has updated the Chronicles of Callera- sending in Part 4, Part 5, and Part 6.


17/Mar/02 - The Classic Diablo Section is open! Hopefully this will make hosted CD info easier to find, and give us some motivation to continue adding CD content. Right now, we only have a few articles plus the hosted CD variants. Hopefully, we will add more shortly. If you find an old CD article that you think deserves a home, please submit it.


24/Feb/02 - Added Charis' Moor and the Moor Squad of Death.


22/Feb/02 - Occhidiangela's "Friends of Sysiphus" is now in the Tales section.


16/Feb/02 - Added Drasca's LOD updates to the Forger.


14/Feb/02 - Another day, another story! Occhidiangela's tale has been updated to include Part VI. Way to go, Occhi!


13/Feb/02 - Added Friendly Fire rules to the LOD Variants page, and updated the "Rabbit Cooking Barbarian of Harrogath" to include Part V .


10/Feb/02 - 3 new variants and a tale today! Occhidiangela's "Rabbit Cooking Barbarian of Harrogath" is now in the Tales section. The Goth (LOD), Ranger (D2), and Illusionist (D1) variants have also been added.


09/Feb/02 - Added Diakons, a Classic DIablo variant adapted to D2X by Skandranon.


05/Feb/02 - FoxBat's Diablo 2 Accelerator is now available for download. This utility lets you alter graphics and memory usage so that the game runs more smoothly. It works for Diablo 2 and Lord of Destruction 1.09, realm or open. Files for download can now be found in the Links section.


03/Feb/02 - New Variant! The Amazonian, a D2 and D2X variant by Charis, has been uploaded.


29/Jan/02 - Grand Re-Opening!
Hello! I am Griselda, the newest member of the RBD team. I've volunteered to join the crew, and update the site to better reflect the current activities of the community. Although the main RBD site itself has been quiet over the past 8 months, the world of Diablo 2 has undergone tremendous changes, including the release of the Diablo 2 Expansion Pack, Lord of Destruction. It is my goal to do regular updates to this site once again, bringing us into the present, and then on to whatever the future may hold for the RBD community.

The updates today have laid a framework, ensuring that the current material is in working order, and providing a space for additional material as it comes in. So, you'll probably find small differences in just about every section, but few new articles at this point. For example, I was able to find a copy of Charis' Beta and Beyond report, and that is once again available in the Archive. Take a look! I was surprised to notice an early prototype of the Friendly Fire variant in that report, along with lots of other fun stuff.

We are pleased to host LemmingofGlory's Variant Archive here. This helpful tool contains the rules for over 300 Diablo and Diablo 2 Variants. It will be available for download both here and at the Sylvan Cliffs.

In the House of RBD, I have included information about RBD games on, PrinceOfOuch's Etiquette Guide, and a guide to our channel bots. I will add the RBD mules information once again as soon as I have a chance to go through and get the mules back up to active status.

The amount and extent of future updates is up to you, the members of the RBD community. Obviously, we have a lack of hosted variants and strategy written for Lord of Destruction, and the Beyond Classes section is currently empty. I will be accepting submissions for all sections of this site (for any version of Diablo), and I hope that the LOD section will soon feature some of the fantastic characters I've played with on recently. There is also plenty of room in the Archive to host interesting posts or threads from the Realms forum that are too good to be lost to the back pages. If you have a submission or a suggestion for the site, please email me.


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