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Welcome to Realms Beyond Civilization!
We're a community, not a clan, that are spreading across the traditional lines of game title and who are like-minded on several key points...
... to seek challenge and fun, not simply 'high score' or 'the most elite stuff!'
... to excel is virtue
... to look to become friends with those you play with
... to treat others with respect, whether you agree with them or not
... to steadfastly avoid cheating

Read On ... especially those new to Realms Beyond

May/23/2013 - Here at realms beyond, we still have a very active community on our forums, with Pitboss, PBEM, and Adventure games still going strong, so I would encourage you to go over there. We will be renovating our front page here soon, so keep checking back for updates.

7/1/2011 - Our second FF2 Adventure - A Snowball's Chance is now open!

12/12/2010 - It's reporting day for FFH2 Adventure and opening day for Adventure 48 - Holiday Wishlist.

15/11/2010 - Our first FFH2 Adventure is now open. Both "n" and "o" saves are included in the save folder. Enjoy!

4/10/2010 - Adventure 47 - Starfall is now open!

12/7/2010 - It's war! Epic 27 - All Your Tech are Belong to Us is now open!

13/6/2010 - It's open on the forums for a few days, but Adventure 46 - Children of the Gods is now up on the site as well.

3/5/2010 - T-hawk is sponsoring Adventure 45 - Hannibal's Muse. The game is open, but you must email T-hawk to get your save file.

29/3/2010 - Adventure 44 - Oh Mista Hart! is now open!

15/02/10 - Adventure 43 - An Otherwordly Experience is now open! It's a modded game that should provide very different gameplay from what you're used to!

11/01/10 - Epic 26 - Splendid Isolation is now open!

07/12/09 - Our 70th event for Civ4 opens today! Adventure 42 - Joy to the World is now open!

02/11/09 - Adventure 41 - Forbidden Fruits is now open! Now you can try the "forbidden" trait combos for yourself.

28/09/09 - Adventure Forty - The Illuminati is now open!

24/08/09 - Ready for a Deity-level adventure? Adventure Thirty-nine - Fortune Favors the Bold is now open!

20/07/09 - Adventure Thirty-eight - Farmer's Gambit is now open! It's also reporting day for Epic Twenty-five - This... Is... Sparta!.

08/07/09 - This is Sparta!!!! (Insert photoshopped image here). Or, even better, this is Epic Twenty-five - This... Is... Sparta!, which is always war and opens today.

18/05/09 - Oops! If you've been watching the forum, then you've already seen that Adventure Thirty-seven - Seven Tribes of Egypt is now open. If you're just catching that today, don't despair- it looks like this game should play quickly, so you still have a chance to participate!

22/03/09 - Not a lot of updates for a while, with a long-running game winding down and Sullla being out of town. But today, we're happy to announce Adventure Thirty-six - Terror of the Seas. Today is also the last day to get your reports in for Epic Twenty-four - Pax Americana.

26/01/09 - Looking for a quick snack between turns of Epic Twenty-four, or something to do while you're waiting for the next Epic? Adventure Thirty-five - Mach Five is now open, and might be just what you're looking for!

05/01/09 - Epic Twenty-four - Pax Americana is now open! There have been a few changes to the rules page since they were originally posted. They are all clarifications or typo fixes, no core rule changes, but keep in mind that the page has been updated. Enjoy!

21/12/08 - T-hawk has announced Epic Twenty-four - Pax Americana. It will be opening this coming Monday, but we have the information up now so that you can look over the scoring and scenario information before the game starts. This was a lot of fun in it's Civ 3 version, so I hope you'll take the time to play this one. We're letting it run for 10 weeks so that everyone who wants to participate should be able to. Please keep an eye on the forum thread for rules clarifications and updates so that everyone's starting on the same page.

Since we didn't have any new games to open, I didn't update the site to announce closing dates. If you've played any recent games and haven't reported on them yet, I'm sure there are people at the forums who would love to read them.

01/12/08 - It's opening day for Epic Twenty-three - Focal Point, and closing day for Adventure Thirty-four - The Greatest Person.

16/11/08 - Results are in for Epic Twenty-two - Tree Hugger.

03/11/08 - It's closing day for Epic Twenty-two - Tree Hugger, and opening day for Adventure Thirty-four - The Greatest Person.

20/10/08 - Results are up for Adventure Thirty-three - Ditchdigger.

06/10/08 - It's opening day for Epic Twenty-two - Tree Hugger. Also, results are up for Epic Twenty-one - Tomorrow's Future and for Adventure Thirty-Two - Friendly Takeover.

08/09/08 - We will be moving servers in the near future, so it's possible that you won't be able to access the site during that period of time. So, you might want to save the rules and download the file of our next game- Adventure Thirty-three - Ditchdigger now, even if you weren't planning to start playing right away. It's also reporting day for Adventure Thirty-two - Friendly Takeover, so go ahead and get your reports in. If our downtime is extended or comes before the reporting window is closed, we may extend it. Keep an eye on the forums for more information.

26/08/08 - Files are now up on site for Epic Twenty-one - Tomorrow's Future.

25/08/08 - Results are up for Epic Fifteen - Colonization and Adventure Thirty-one - Speed Racer. We should have another game opening this week, so if you're interested, keep your eyes open for another update over the next day or so.

04/08/08 - Would the ancients ever have made anything of themselves if they would have had corporations, or would they have spent all day at meetings and forgotten to build archers? Now, you will get to find out! Today is opening day for Adventure Thirty-two - Friendly Takeover. It's also closing day for Epic Fifteen - Colonization, so feel free to post your reports in the reporting forum.

28/07/08 - Since we have no games opening or closing this week, it was a good time to get some housekeeping tasks done. Results are up for Adventure Thirty - The Simple Life and for Epic Twenty - Bakumatsu. Also, the Succession Games page is again up-to-date.

14/07/08 - How much time do you need to complete a game? Can you do it more quickly? Try Adventure Thirty-one - Speed Racer. It's also closing day for Epic Twenty - Bakumatsu.

30/06/08 - With the release of patch 3.17, we are able to re-open Epic Fifteen - Colonization. It will run for five weeks. There are also some updates to the page. Results are up for Epic Nineteen - Arise Ethiopia!, Adventure Twenty-eight - The Dutch Masters, and Adventure Twenty-nine - Winter Wasteland. I've also updated the Succession Games page to show the current games that are open.

09/06/08 - Epic Twenty - Bakumatsu opens today. Can you help the Japanese avoid stagnation?

13/05/08 - I had to go out of town unexpectedly, so Adventure Thirty - The Simple Life opens today. Sorry for the delay! Results are also up for Epic Eighteen - Honest Abe.

28/04/08 - Epic Nineteen - Arise, Ethiopia! opens today. This Epic will explore the advanced start mechanics. It's also reporting day for Adventure Twenty-eight - The Dutch Masters.

07/04/08 - Our newest Extreme Adventre, Adventure Twenty-nine - Winter Wasteland, opens today. Good luck! Results are also up for Epic Seventeen - Gourmet Menu and Adventure Twenty-seven - Project Beyaz Peynir.

26/03/08 - We're having another midweek opening this week for Adventure Twenty-eight - The Dutch Masters. It's a gentle adventure focused on culture. Will you be the next Rembrandt?

25/02/08 - Contrary to previous reports, today is not Presidents' Day here in the USA. However, it is opening day for Epic Eighteen - Honest Abe. Reporting is open for Epic Seventeen - Gourmet Menu, and the results pages are all up-to-date.

11/02/08 - Adventure Twenty-seven - Project Beyaz Peynir opens today. It's sponsored by Ruff_Hi, and will run for five weeks. Sullla has come up with a little Presidents' Day special for us as well. Epic Eighteen - Honest Abe will open on Monday, February 25.

Adventure Twenty-six - Holiday Surprise closed last week, and the results should be up on the site soon. Also, there's still one more week to go for Epic Seventeen - Gourmet Menu; probably not enough time to cook something new, but you might want to be adding the final few seasonings to your games.

16/01/08 - Sullla is sponsoring Epic Seventeen - Gourmet Menu. You will get to pick your entree for this meal! Hopefully that will be perfect with our lighter 2008 schedule. Please note that you will need to email Sullla to sign up, and that the game will open on a Wednesday, not a Monday. Enjoy!

01/01/07 - Happy New Year! Adventure Twenty-six - Holiday Surprise is now open. Enjoy! It's also reporting time for Epic Sixteen - Something Fishy. Because of the holiday, you can post your report through the end of Wednesday if you need the extra time.

28/12/07 - Sullla has put together a little something for you - Adventure Twenty-six - Holiday Surprise has been wrapped, and the package is in the mail! Tracking indicates that it should be delivered on Tuesday, January 1st (that's right, holiday delivery at no extra charge!). What's inside the package, you ask? Well, you'll just have to wait until you open it up to see!

Results are up for Epic Fourteen - Boudica the Great and Adventure Twenty-five - Doppelgänger as well.

27/11/07 - STOP THE PRESSES! We want everyone to be aware that Epic Fifteen is currently on hold due to a game-destroying bug. As sooooo states in this thread:

It appears there is a significant bug to the 3.13 patch regarding colonies that neither myself or Sullla were aware of. Namely: If a civ has been wiped out then a new colony will assume the status of the wiped out civ (i.e. at war with the civ to wipe out the previous one). If you wipe out a civ, and create a new colony, it will not be at war with you but any vassals/previous colonies you have will be at war with you (and break free from you). If any AI creates a colony it and its vassal will become at war with you and your vassals (or whoever wiped out the extinct civ). Also any cities you own that belonged to the now extinct civ will yearn to join the motherland of the new colony. Basically this stops you having more than one colony without losing your previous ones, hence ruining the epic.

Because of that, we have decided to put Epic Fifteen on hold for the time being until we have determined the best way to move forward with this idea. When and if the game is restarted, it will be on a new map with a new save. We're sorry to any of you who have spent significant time playing this one already, but there is no fix available that would still allow us to provide players with comparable playing experience.

Sullla has put together Epic Sixteen - Something Fishy, which will open right away and run through the end of the year. We hope that you like sushi!

19/11/07 - Sooooo has sponsored Epic Fifteen - Colonization, which opens today and will run through the end of the year. It's also closing day for Epic Fourteen - Boudica the Great, so go ahead and post your reports for that game. Results are up for Adventure Twenty-four - It's a Wonderful Life too!

05/11/07 - Adventure Twenty-five - Doppelgänger, a gentle adventure, opens today. Whatever you do, make sure you have fun with it. It's also reporting day for Adventure Twenty-four - It's a Wonderful Life. Results are up for Adventure Twenty-three - Speedy Gonzalez (unfortunately, not enough information was provided to tally points, but finishing dates and links to reports are up) and Epic Thirteen - Potluck Expansion.

15/10/07 - Well, that was fast! It's reporting day for Adventure Twenty-three - Speedy Gonzalez. Also, results are up for Adventure Twenty-two - Brick by Brick. We've also posted the world builder file for Epic Thirteen - Expansion Potluck.

08/10/07 - Finally, the patch is here! Now, where were we? That's right, Adventure Twenty-four - It's a Wonderful Life and Epic Fourteen - Boudica the Great are now open. Remember, you must patch before playing either game, so you might want to finish Speedy Gonzalez first. Also, the Succession Games page is again up-to-date.

Just a note- Adventure Twenty-four is a four-week game, not a five-week game (it was incorrectly marked before). If you were planning on going down to the wire, you may have to adjust your schedule.

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